GV Jones and Associates

Recent Projects

GV Jones and Associates, Inc. has had experience with water and wastewater engineering projects of all sizes - from small, private treatment systems to municipal plants and community planning. We are an Alaska-based company, and most of our work takes place here in Alaska. This experience gives us the qualifications necessary to work in the unique environment of rural Alaska and to more efficiently tackle Alaska-specific engineering issues. Below is a sampling of the projects in which we have been involved.

BUECI NF Water Plant ProjectBUECI Water Treatment Plant Project
BUECI Pumphouse Upgrade ProjectBUECI Pumphouse Raw Water Pumping and Heating Upgrades Project
BUECI 600K Tank Upgrades ProjectBUECI 600,000 Gallon Water Storage Tank Upgrades Project
Cordova LT2 UV Disinfection ProjectCordova LT2 UV Disinfection Project
AWWU AWWTF Disinfection UpgradesAWWU Asplund Waste Water Treatment Facility Disinfection Project
LKSD Tununak School Water and Wastewater Treatment SystemsLKSD Tununak School Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems Project
Denali HAP Denalic Canyon Waste Water Treatment PlantHAP Denali Canyon Lodge Wastewater Treatment System Project